2012 Philmont

Philmont 2012 Homepage

Note, this page is for the Troop 341 crew, not either of the Council crews going this year.

Here are some of the significant dates around our trip:
  • Depart Saturday July 21st tbd am
  • Return Saturday August 4th tbd pm

Here's the main Philmont website. Anything and everything you might want to know about the place is up there somewhere.

This is the official location of the medical forms you will need to fill out and have your Dr. Sign.

There are a large number of Philmont videos up on YouTube. This one is a great place to start. When you're done, it's a good idea to sign up for "PhilCast" to get a weekly video. Then you can start snooping around to find all sorts of related videos depending on your interests.

Per the January 14th meeting, here's the sheet that lists all of the programs and camps and which itineraries run though those camps. Please pick your top 5 camps and e-mail them to our crew leader before the next crew meeting. The plan is to pick a couple specific itineraries that pass through as many of the crew's favorites as possible, then make our request.

This page has a single descriptive paragraph for each of the 35 available itinaries. They are a nice brief overview. For the full description of each one including elevation profiles, dry camps etc., here is last year's exhaustive description due to be updated for 2012 in mid March.

You can find the Blue Sky travel agency we're thinking about using on their website.

Here are two outfitters that handle mountain biking down Pikes Peak:

A good description of the Garden of the Gods park can be found on this website.

Bent's Old Fort is another national park in the area.

The history of the Koshare Indian Kiva is on their website. It along with Bents Old Fort were part of the Sante Fe Trail.