2012 Winter Cabin Camping

Revised Febuaryr 6, 2012

Babcock Hovey - Winter Cabin Trip

Desc:Our introductory winter camping trip for 2012. Scouts will sleep in the Peterson Lodge .
Start Date and TimeFriday 1-13-12 5:00pm(tentative)
End Date and Time:Sunday 1-15-12
Departure & Return Location:Park and Ride, Bushnell's Basin.
Scout LeaderJH
Adult AdvisorMr. Hart (585) 200-6639 brian.hart@bbrochester.com
Permission slipClick here to download the permission slip for this event.
Cost per scoutThis will be calculated by using the standard Event Planning Spreadsheet available on the troop website.
Sign Up DeadlineA check made out to Troop 341 and the permission slip above must be retuned to DL by October 10, 2011 
Late FeeIf a scout wishes to attend a troop event after the registration date has past they must first contact the Scout Leader to see if there is any space available to attend. If there is a minimum 50% late penalty may be paid to attend the event. Depending on the event and any specific costs related to having the event an additional flat fee may be added onto the standard 50% penalty fee. 
General OverviewScouts will be camping at the scenic camp Babcock Hovey and will be sleeping in the Peterson Lodge. Scouts will also have the opportunity to construct igloos or quinzees in which they may sleep, weather permitting.

There will be an orienteering course as well, during which scouts will have to find their way from location to location using only a map and compass. 

Related Merit BadgesOrienteering, Camping, wilderness survival
Rank RequirementsAll are welcome!
Maps to the eventClick here for the map to get to the camp.

In case of emergency, here is the map and directions to the nearest hospital.

Trail map(s) of the event locationClick here for the map of the whole camp.

This is a hand drawn map of the camp.

Suggested Packing ListClick here to download the packing list for this event.
Schedule of EventsFriday
  • 5:00pm Meet at Bushnells Basin
  • 6:00pm Depart for Babcock Hovey
  • 7:00pm Arrive
  • 7:30pm Dinner
  • 8:30pm Campfire
  • 10:00pm Lights Out
  • 7:00am Wake Up
  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 8:00am Cleanup
  • 8:30am build quinzees
  • 3:00pm Orienteering coarse
  • 6:00pm Cook & eat dinner
  • 7:30pm Cleanup
  • 8:00pm Campfire
  • 10:00pm Lights Out
  • 7:00am Reveille
  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 8:00am Cleanup
  • 9:00am Scouts Own
  • 10:00am departure
  • Scout's OwnThe link will be put here once the troop chaplain sends it to the webmaster
    ReflectionsThe Start, Stop, and Continue link will be put here once the troop scribe sends it to the webmaster
    PicturesBacock Hovey 2012 If anyone has more pictures please email them to the troop historian.

    Specific Details:

    • Have Fun!
    • Don't forget your rain gear.
    • Make Sure to pack warm clothes and many layers. Each scout should ring a shovel to build their quinzzes and a waterproof jacket