2014 Mendon Ponds First Class Orienteering

On Saturday afternoon - March 8 - we will be offering an opportunity to complete this requirement for those of you who need it. We will meet at the beach area of Mendon Ponds at 12:30 pm. Dress appropriately and bring a water bottle in your day pack.

For many of you it will be the last requirement you need before getting First Class at the upcoming COH.

We encourage everyone to attend - even if you have the requirement - as it should be a fun time, it's always good to review map and compass skills, and it will also count toward the 5 activities needed for 2nd class or the 10 activities needed for 1st class.

Please respond to the survey by clicking this link so that we will know who to expect.

Gregory Krapf,
Mar 5, 2014, 1:06 PM