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Meeting Summaries

posted Dec 15, 2013, 6:03 PM by Bsa Troop341   [ updated Dec 15, 2013, 6:04 PM ]
Meeting Summary (12/9/13):

We have multiple events planned for the next few weeks including:

o The Massawepie Outing, led by Zach Burdett, is from Jan. 17th to Jan. 20th and is a winter camping outing involving skiing/tubing at Mt. Pisgah, a trip to the Tupper Lake Wild Center, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and other winter activities.

o The Pin University will take place near the end of January. This is the Webelos equivalent of out Merit Badge University. It will not only be a good experience but a good recruiting opportunity as well.

o The Tug Hill/Camp Kingsley outing will be on the weekend of Feb. 21st, which will also be a great winter camping experience.

o The Klondike Derby is going to be the 24th to the 26th of January.

o There are two ice climbing dates that can be signed up for: Feb. 9th and Feb. 15th.

After the opening, patrols split up into patrol corners to discuss plans for the next few outings. Will then had a pack demonstration for new scouts to learn how to pack during winter outings.

PLC Meeting Notes (12/5/13):

Things discussed at the PLC Meeting included:

· Mr. Reyes will go to the committee to discuss ordering nametags for all the scouts and adults in the troop.

· We will be attending the Bay Water Klondike Derby from Jan. 24th to Jan. 26th at Mendon Ponds. We need a scout leader and an adult leader for this trip. The sign up deadline is 12/16. We will be staying one night (Friday night).

· We need 10-15 scouts to volunteer for the Pin University but only have 3 signed up at this point. We will send an email to the troop that we will be hosting with discussing two possible dates: Feb. 8th and Feb. 22nd.

· The first pack inspection for Tug Hill is on Jan. 20th and those who can’t make it because of being on the Massawepie trip will be able to attend another pack inspection on Jan. 27th.

· We need to find the old election sheets for new position leaders. The election is planned for Jan. 27th.

· Spencer Kennedy should start planning for the train trip due to the nature of the trip and the fact that we need to buy train tickets a good amount of time in advance.

· We still need an adult leader for the Alleghany trip, led by Luke Gonzales.

· Fletcher needs to check with the merit badge counselors to make sure they can attend the rest of the meetings.

· The annual planning meeting for the year is scheduled for June 2nd at 6.

Meeting Summary (12/2/13):

· Zach Burdett is leading the Massawepie Adirondack Challenge from January 17th to the 20th. Activities include skiing/tubing at Mt. Pisgah, a trip to the Tupper Lake Wild Center, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and other winter activities.

· The Pin University will be at the end of January. We need about 10-15 scouts to help with this event.

· There is a tree delivery at 3:30 on Friday, 12/6. This is mandatory for all scouts to attend.

· Mrs. Petrison has extra wreaths left from the wreath sale. If you would like to sell more, email her.

· The Klondike Derby is going to be from Jan. 24th to Jan. 26th. This will be an overnight for one night.

· Luke Gonzales is leading the Alleghany Trip in May.

After the opening, Merit Badge counselors took the scouts to their respective rooms and taught the merit badge for the remainder of the meeting.

Meeting Summary (11/25/13):

· February 9th is going to be Scout Sunday

· The June Court of Honor is one week earlier than originally planned for

· Sam Shebert is leading the Ice Climbing day trips on Feb. 9th and Feb. 15th

The Alpaca-Security patrol had a patrol box inspection.