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Meeting Summary (10-27-14) - Zach Burdett

posted Oct 30, 2014, 3:12 PM by Bsa Troop341
Meeting Summary (10/27/14):  The Announcements from the meeting included:

·         The deadline for Backpacking in the Fingerlakes was tonight.

·         Tonight is the official start of the Wreath Sale. Each scout is expected to sell 10 wreaths, or 15 total for siblings.

·         Next meeting will be the first of the Merit Badge meetings.

·         The Panda Hawk patrol is having a patrol box inspection next meeting.

Tonight was a PLC meeting. Those in the PLC discussed various events coming up in the troop calendar while those going on the Fingerlakes trip planned that.

PLC Meeting Notes (10/27/14):Things discussed at the PLC Meeting included:

·         Tree Sale

o   The schedule should be finished by the end of the week.

o   Trees will be ordered soon.

o   New location – Next to the Cheesecake Factory

o   The setup date is the 23rd of November, which is mandatory for all scouts.

o   The tree delivery date is the 26th of November, which is mandatory for all scouts.

o   The Tree Sale officially begins on the 28th of November.

·         ASPL of Advancement – David Petrison

o   Citizenship in the Community and Personal Management counselors have been contacted about the merit badge meetings.

o   The next meeting is the first of the merit badge meetings.

·         ASPL of Spirit – Casey Woodward

o   Organized the most recent Court of Honor and plans game nights.

·         ASPL of Outings – Spencer Kennedy

o   Will contact leaders of upcoming outings.

·         Haunted Outing – David Robinson

o   Took place last Friday in West Henrietta.

o   Mostly new scouts and those in first class – 8 total.

o   Next time, a date change for an outing needs to be passed through with the PLC.

·         Patrol Leaders are:

o   Will Tallarico – Patriot Patrol

o   Anthony Nelk – Panda Hawk Patrol

o   Ryan Marin – BRO Patrol

o   Alex Taffe – Alpaca Security Patrol

o   ? – Panther Patrol

·         Recruiter – Mitchell McNiffe

o   The Troop Feast turned out well.

o   Next thing coming up is the Open House on the 17th of November.

·         Troop Guide – Shane Nolan

o   Almost all of the new scouts are 2nd Class and he is working on getting requirements signed off.

·         Historian – Jack Hart

o   The Sea Base slideshow was presented at the October Court of Honor.

·         Quartermaster – David Robinson

o   Working on tracking down signed out items as well as patrol box inspections.

·         Chaplain’s Aid – Joseph Nesser

o   Outing leaders need to see Joseph for a prayer during their outing.

o   Scout Sunday is coming up.

·         Gore Mountain – Zach Burdett

o   Will take place from February 13th to the 16th.

·         Tug Hill – Mitchell McNiffe

o   Will take place from February 20th to the 22nd.

·         Rock Ventures – Issac Liu or David Patrison

o   Overnight in March (13th? 14th?)

·         Merit Badge Meetings – David Petrison

o   Need to alert counselors about number of scouts per badge.

o   Next Monday is the first merit badge meeting.

·         Christmas Party

o   Will take place on December 8th

o   Will include:

§  Pot luck

§  Secret santa

§  Charlie Brown Christmas tree

§  Balloon game

§  Ugly sweater contest

§  Cookie eating contest

§  Capture the Flag outside