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Safety, Fun & Learning are our guiding principles.

Our Mission

  1. To Build Character - a high moral and ethical quality, emphasizing: 

    • Self-reliance

    • Self-discipline

    • Self-confidence

    • Self-respect

  2. To Foster Citizenship - a quality response to community membership thourhg serving others.

  3. To Develop Fitness:

    • Physical

    • Mental

    • Emotional 

    • Moral

How We Work

Like any good organization, responsibilities are divided to maximize Troop effectiveness and provide opportunities for each Scout to grow, learn new skills, and become a leader. 

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Committee Chair: Todd Oldham

Scout Master: Frank Tallarico

Registrar: Cheri Cole


Chartered by: 

First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford

21 Church Street

Pittsford, NY

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Pittsford, NY

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