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Troop 341 has a First-Year Program to get new Scouts off to a great start and ensure they learn the skills they need to be successful.

  • Program designed to allow interested new Scouts to advance to the First Class rank and earn the First Aid merit badge by the end of his first year.

  • First Year Scouts participate in troop outings and activities including summer camp.

  • Separate patrols for First Year Scouts provide leadership opportunities from the start.

  • Scoutmaster and Troop Guides are assigned to First Year patrols.

  • Assistant Scoutmasters monitor individual progress of each new scout.

  • Program kicks off in March following Arrow of Light crossover.

Bodem Award Winners

The Bodem Award Patch is awarded to first-year scouts who reach First Class and earn their First Aid merit badge.   It is a tribute to Scouter George Bodem who incorporated the first-year excellence program into our program.

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Committee Chair: Todd Oldham

Scout Master: Frank Tallarico

Registrar: Cheri Cole


Chartered by: 

First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford

21 Church Street

Pittsford, NY

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Pittsford, NY

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